Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Marketing Study

As shop owners we are all working to promote our shops. Most of us are more knowledgeable about our craft than we are marketing and advertising. All assistance we receive and advice we can get we devour. (I know I do)

Cheri, from, did a marketing experiment and posted the results on her blog. I have copied an excerpt from her blog for a tease:

"I decided to do an experiment. I decided to purchase an Etsy Showcase. I heard pros and cons to the Showcases. The biggest con being why market to fellow Etsy-ians? The pros--exposure!

So after reading the how to's, I committed to buy. Which Showcase to join? I choose the Ceramic & Pottery Showcase as I am known as a Polymer Clay Artist who also has expertise in Jewelry Making, Excellent Quality, and Superior Customer Service. the choice of the Day to have my Showcase. I looked at all the options. I figured that it would be best to have the Showcase on a Saturday--most people were home and would be on the computer. Also, I would choose a day that had the least amount of spots open as that would be indicative of a good day -- it must be good day 'cause more people chose that day for their Showcase.

After seeing my results, I realized that my thought processes were wrong and the results were disappointing:"
She has some very interesting results. Go here for the results of her comparisons. It is helpful to us all.

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Milly said...

Thanks so much for posting this, and thanks, Cheri, for sharing your "experiment" results with us!!!