Monday, June 8, 2009

Congratulations BesemNaturalScents is our Hot Shop for this week! Congratulations.

Here you can learn more about her:

1. My name is Wendy and I have a wonderful husband and 5 little helpers who assist in the sorting and packaging of my candles and soap. I began Besem Natural Scents when we were in the process of adopting 2 of our children from Kazakhstan. I now donate 10% of profits towards orphan relief and offer fundraisers for families who are in the adoption process.
2. I have been making candles for almost 6 years and soap for
3. I have studied aromatherapy and the benefits of using natural plant essences and essential oils. I blend my own scents and make natural palm/beeswax blend pillar candles and old fashioned cold-process soap.
4. I love experimenting and blending scents. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong place--I should be "the nose" in a beautiful little perfumery in the heart of Paris =). I also love the design aspect. I have enjoyed creating a brand. I make all of my labels and brochures and business cards.
5. At the moment, I love making soap. Every time I unmold a new batch, it is like Christmas. I have a new black licorice soap with activated charcoal that is almost cured. I can't wait to take pictures and get it listed. Each bar is a big black chunk that smells so good--and it's great for your skin!
6. I homeschool 4 of my 5 children, so that is my main focus. Making candles and soap is my creative escape and I am so happy that 3 of my children are showing interest in learning and helping with each step of the process. I hope that my sales continue to grow so that I can make it a full time business as my kiddos get older.
7. I try to set limits on how much time I spend on the computer, so I haven't been very involved with the team. I really like the first Monday sale, though, and have made several sales and found some great new shops that way. I plan on getting more involved during the summer when my schedule is a bit more open.
8. I think it is important to enjoy what you are doing--obviously not all of it, who really enjoys paperwork and taxes? It shows if you are confident in what you create. Take good pictures, or have someone else take them for you. You shouldn't put all that effort into creating and then not have it stand out and look beautiful.
9. Hmmm...a secret about me...Ikea is my favorite store. I love watching people and hearing so many different languages in one place. It reminds me of the International terminal at the airport--only with more comfortable chairs!

Check out her shop. It's amazing~ She wants to offer a 20% off sale to EtsyTx members. Write EtsyTx in the message to seller and she'll either refund the difference or send you a revised invoice.

Want to be featured next? Go to and check out her shop. Post back here with your favorite item of hers. Friday I'll pick a new team member to feature.


Dave said...

Supper looking shop! so many wonderful soaps to pick from but I do like this one

lavenderlizard said...

Ooooh, lemon tea soap sounds refreshing!

Congrats BesemNaturalScents!

KayzKreationz said...

Her soaps look awesome. But one of my favorites of hers is the Cinnamon spice pillar for eliminating odors in the home. I love the smell of cinnamon.

Etsy Texas Crafter Team said...

Congratulations, Wendy!!! Too bad we didn't get to know more about you like we did for the last Hot Shop, but so you were picked! LOVE your soaps!!!

hondamom said...

I had a good look at your great shop and found something I've got to have...the Old Hippie Bar of soap. I love that smell of patchouli!
Lots of great soaps to choose from.

Suzanne in TX said...

Congrats on this feature, Wendy! Your shop is filled with some very tempting selections and I am quite impressed with your photography. I am really loving the Lemon Tea long lasting bar of soap:
Wouldn't it just smell so yummy?

LL said...

Great shop! Love the chunky soaps and candles! Here's my favorite:


Lela said...

mmmmm....cinnamon spice! I think the Almond/Honey/Oatmeal soap would be super. It used to be common to find almond oil in products, now...not so much, so it's good to find a store that has it.

tinybird said...

Wow what generous bar sizes! The Vanilla Chai is my favorite

I love that travel bar idea too. I always hate carrying a bunch of stuff when I travel.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the hot shop selection! I love the Big Bar- Pink Grapefruit soap!!


Brenda said...

These sample soaps are the perfect size. BTW, great photos. Congrats on being a Hot Shop!


Kathie Brechbuhler said...

You have a great shop! Lots of variety. I like the names you use. Like "Old Hippy" "Almond,Honey and Oats"; and The Ultra Travel Bar is very practical sounding. You have tons of sales. What is your secret? I love that you donate to your favorite cause. Congrats, Kat

Christy said...

I like the whole shop, but this one looks especially good.

Your photos rock. :)

Kathie Brechbuhler said...

Sorry.You sent this to the wrong address. You sent it to Kat.

Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

So many scrumptious choices. I couldn't settle on one favorite. So I chose the sample pack.

Jewelis Designs said...

I am very impressed with how much work and care has gone into her descriptions and information about her products. I think I can smell them through the computer! My favorite:

magdalunandi said...

This looks like it would smell so good!

I love your pictures and packaging, too.

LocoBead said...

Lovely shop! Congratulations! I love good smelling soaps and candles!

Twisted in Texas said...

Love the sample size soaps here. Put it on my favorites list. I am a big fan of Shea Butter and love that your soaps contain it.
Beautiful shop!

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

I choose this big ol' bar of Lavender soap as my favorite! I bet it smells yummy! I love handmade soap.

ARDDesigns said...

I love that you have a pink grapefruit soap. That is my favorite- Congrats on the hot spot.

Sweetwater Inspirations said...

I love her name (Wendy)!

The shop is great - we love handmade soaps and candles. I decided to treat my husband and ordered:

I was able to pick all of our favorites - Rustic Pine, Lavender Harvest, and Rosemary Mint all in the big bars.

Love that you cure your soaps - the mush isn't nice when it isn't cured!

Thanks for the 20% discount offer for ETC members!


Kats Cozy Krafts said...

Great Shop! Love the Grape Bar! Bet your house smells good all the time! Hugs, Kat