Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ApacheMoon---Featured ETC Member June 8-22

In honor of all they do to support and promote Etsy Texas Crafters Team, we congratulate Verge and Nita DeShazo of ApacheMoon.etsy.com as our Featured ETC Member! You can see more of their work in their shop or in a treasury created especially for them.

ApacheMoon has been active in the promotion of ETC. They use team tags in their listings and promote information about searching using the tag in their shop announcements, where they also supply a link to our team shop. They promote our team newsletter, are active in First Monday sales and monthly design challenges, and submit items to our "Taste of Texas" promos.

Here is a small part of the interview they gave :
Tell us a bit about yourself (where you live, affiliations, achievements/awards, and any personal stuff you want to share). We live in the beautiful woods of east Texas.
Are you an Etsy Buyer, Seller, or Both? We buy and sell. If we can support the Etsy community, it makes the parting with money happier.
What is the first thing you can remember making by hand? How and why did you make it? At age two my mother taught me to make paper carnations from kleenex and bobbie pins. Because I was hospitalized that year mom had to distract me so I learned embroidery as well. From these early experiences I knew I "loved making things". Verge learned whittling at an early age and whittled a totem. It was a beginning as he loved both the process and the result.
Why do you create? I create because life without it would be flat and mundane, while Verge feels"Why do fish swim?"
What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from? Everywhere! Its a frame of mind. The universal magic is always available. The trick is to stop whirling through our lives long enough to notice it. That's the tricky part for me. Verge says I'm his inspiration.
What are your favorite materials? Silver and stone at the moment. I love making jewelry. For Verge it's stainless steel, as he is mostly engraving guns at the moment. "favorite material" rolls like waves on a beach though. The means and process is less important than the outlet itself.
I encourage you to read the full interview here and find more about these lovely people and their passion for animal rescue. There is also a promotional thread where we can all leave our good wishes and thoughts.

For the month of June ApacheMoon is having a "celebrating Texas" promotion. All items in the shop are 10% off. write TX in message to seller and a refund will be given through paypal.

~would you like to be a featured team member? First fill out the membership survey where you can tell us what you do to participate and promote the EtsytexasCrafters. Not all applicants will be selected as "featured member"featured member application link:http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pnTCbpcGtQAe-2hfZhCgYEA


Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

Congrats ApacheMoon! What a sweet baby you have in your arms!
Thanks for being an active member of ETC!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Love your work, ApacheMoon. You deserve to be featured in this blog.

Milly said...

Once again, congratulations, Nita & Verge! You two definitely deserve this honor for all you have done and continue to do to support our team. Love ya!!!

lavenderlizard said...

Yay for ApacheMoon! Y'all support ETC so much and we all appreciate it!