Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial - Fused Plastic...with a Twist!

If you've been around Etsy very long, you've seen many items made from fused plastic bags, and possibly even seen this tutorial or this one on how to fuse plastic bags. We even featured a Fusion Bag tutorial on this blog not that long ago.

As you may have guessed, I am quite fascinated with fused plastic bags, but have never quite had the nerve to try it myself. WELL, I finally found a project that may help me overcome my fear!

How cool is this ornament?!?!?

Julie Finn of Crafting a Green World posted this tutorial for making ornaments using zip-top sandwich bags and some pretties, such as tissue paper left over from previous presents, glitter, very small bits of broken crayons, and very small scraps of fabric or felted wool. A little bit of melting magic, some cookie cutters for patterns, and you have some very easy, very inexpensive ornaments that look like they'd simply be a blast to make!

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