Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial & More

Today's tutorial is an upcycling project. What is upcycling, you ask? Upcycling simply means taking something that would normally be thrown away and creating something new with it. In this case, we are upcycling those plastic bags that we've all got an over-abundance of into really cool and re-usable tote bags. This particular tutorial is basically 3 tutorials in one:

1. fusing plastic bags
2. Making box corners
3. Making a fusion bag

The fusing tutorial is courtesy of Etsy Labs, and the other two are courtesy of Sew Take A Hike. When you have time, wander around both of these sites for even more wonderful tutorials!

Also, if you have not already done so, please stop by our What's New with ETC? thread to meet our newest members and check out our latest creations.

Lastly, since this month has 5 Mondays, we will be holding our $5 Monday event again this month. And yes, it falls on Cyber Monday, so don't forget to spend some of your holiday shopping time with us that day, taking advantage of our $5 listings!

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