Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Feature: Snowmen!

In honor of the recent snow in Texas, I decided Snowmen would be a wonderful topic for this week's Friday Feature. So, after searching Etsy for both "Snowman" and our team tag, TeamEtsyTx, and trying very hard not to include anyone from recent Features, here are the amazing snowy selections I have chosen for you...

Members featured, from top to bottom and left to right, are:
SassySoapsNSuch, TheArtfulFlamingo, CottonEyedJo, FabricArtist21, HumbleBeads, TCsTreasures, WiseImpressions, JL67, SumpnSassy, GigglesAndGlam, TCornell, Whimbrella, 2SleepyHeads, Yarnabees, KatiesScrapNSupplies, and AmyJosCreations.

Want to see more Snowmen listings by Texans & Texans-at-Heart? Just click HERE!

Have a favorite snowman, either one listed above or one that wasn't able to be included? Feel free to post a comment with a link to it!


Pixie Dust Fineries said...

Great Selection but you missed mine LOL.

Etsy Texas Crafter Team said...

Thanks for adding these links! I did see them -- but I try very hard not to include the same folks two weeks in a row, and I featured you in the Candy Canes collection last week.

Milly / Thistlecraft
ETC Leadership Team Member

yarnabees said...

I just found out today you have included mine! Yeah Thanks!

Anonymous said...

great selections of such cute little frostys!

2sleepyheads said...

Thanks for including me in this super-cute group! I know so many people who collect these frosty friends!

Sandi and Kassy Ramirez said...

Thanks so much for including one of my Snowmen!! I need to go and blog about our blog!