Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Feature: Christmas Ornaments!

One of the things I LOVE about Christmas is all the beautiful ornaments! I am one of four children, and my Mom kept every ornament we ever brought home from school. And we had a habit of buying new ornaments for her every year also, so we soon had way more ornaments then tree! That's when Mom began pulling some of the beloved handmade ornaments, as well as some of the purchased ones. Rather than throwing them out or putting them in a garage sale, she created boxes of ornaments for each of us, giving us back the ornaments we had given to her. This way, by the time each of us left home and had our own Christmas trees, we had a box of ornaments to put on those trees...ornaments that represented family and love. I still buy ornaments every year, and a few years ago, I began collecting antique Christmas ornaments as well. I probably have enough ornaments to decorate a dozen trees....but who's counting???

Anyway, there are some amazing ornaments available from our ETC folks, so this week's Friday Feature celebrates Christmas Ornaments....

Members featured, from top to bottom and left to right, are:
KelseysKorner, HossLass, CorkyCrafts, VixensNaturalJewelry, KatsCozyKrafts, FlutterBugCreations, LavenderLizard, SumpnSassyTassels, WhiteThistleDesigns, Inpatria, GoGoGirlz, LindaGJ, McCordWorks, SpiritMama, DuctTapeAndDenim, and ShadowsWolf.

Want to see more Christmas ornament listings by Texans & Texans-at-Heart? Just click HERE!

Have a favorite Christmas ornament, either one listed above or one that wasn't able to be included? Feel free to post a comment with a link to it!


LindaGJ said...

Yay for Christmas ornaments! I love them & this is a fabulous collection! Also thanks for including my kitty Peanut!
Linda :)

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Love all the Christmas ornaments. I think Christmas is the best time of year.

Ann Tatum said...

Hey, one is mine! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Kats Cozy Krafts said...

Thanks for showing my Battenberg Angels. Merry Christmas to all! Hugs,Kat