Thursday, December 17, 2009

Etsy Texas Crafters is in the Box!

That was the headline posted yesterday by Ricki on the Handmade Guru blog, the blog started by Kim, the owner of The Little Black Boxes, where they review handmade items they stumble upon and love as well as features and interviews from several indie artists, designers and some wonderful vintage finds.

The above photo shows the contents of just one of the 100+ goodie bags I sent in for the December issue of The Little Black Boxes (in the top right corner of the photo is one of the packaged goodie bags), and as stated on the photo, no 2 of the goodie bags sent in were just alike! In fact, there were 10 bags that were very Christmas-y and included items primarily sent in during our team's Holiday Promo and Sample swap! It is one of these Christmas-y bags that Ricki opened and reviewed:

"One of my favorite things in this month’s TLBB was the goodie bag from Etsy Texas Crafters – it was like its own little sampler. I kept pulling out fun things from it, including stickers from Katie’s Scrap N Supplies and a note pad from Crown Bindery, both of which I immediately put to use. The store is on vacation at the moment, but when they are open, they have sell sample bags of items from their crafters. I am totally going to order one!"

What a WONDERFUL review! And CONGRATS to Katie’s Scrap N Supplies and Crown Bindery for being specifically mentioned in the review!

As I have mentioned in a couple notes....

1. If you receive a purchase and the buyer notes that they heard about you through "ETC and LBB" then you had a sample or coupon in these December goodie bags! I'd love to hear from you if this happens!!!

2. The January LBB is going to feature ONLY Bath & Body and Candle items. This is an EXCELLENT way to get your product into the hands of folks who LOVE handmade items! I have committed to sending in at least 20-25 ETC goodie bags for this LBB, so if you are interested in participating, PLEASE read this information and let me know what you will be sending in or if you have any questions.

3. We need more samples/promos for our own Taste of Texas samplers! Read HERE for more information, including a current inventory of samples & promos and suggestions for types of TofT samplers we'd like to be able to offer (you need to scroll down to the second post on this thread). This is an ongoing team project, so we ALWAYS need samples and promos...sometimes we just need them more desperately than others.

WOOHOO for awesome reviews of our team samplers and our team members!!!

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