Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial on Thursday....

Sorry about not having Tuesday's Tutorial up on family had a medical emergency and spent a couple days at the hospital. All is well now. Thanks to those who knew what was happening when it was happening and was praying for us -- those prayers were greatly appreciated!

I have a great Tutorial picked out for you today, another one to help you decorate for the holidays...a Ruffly Felt Wreath!

This project was designed by Kristen at Domestifluff, who was influenced by the Pillow With Rosette Clusters From Felt Furnishings article from The Storque - "Etsy's handmade blog". And Kristen says that if you use the How to Cut Felt Circles tutorial by Maya*Made, you should be able to cut the time working on this wreath in least! Once all the circles are cut, the rest of it is a breeze. And YES, it can be worked in a variety of colors to suit the season, holiday, or your decor. Enjoy!!!

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