Saturday, September 13, 2008

Q&A about the ETC New York Trunk Show

Originally posted on June 20, 2007

Q: Will there be a booth fee?
A: No

Q: Will Etsy or ETC keep any portion of the proceeds from items sold at the Trunk Show?
A: No -- you keep all the money from the sales of your items

Q: Should we expect our items to sell, or is this a "display-only" event?
A: "While we expect there to be great sales, we hope that you all will look at this invite as an opportunity to really get your names out there above anything else! This is an excellent opportunity to show off your goods and hand out lots of business cards & promos. Again, we are hoping for and expecting great sales at your event!" (Mary, Etsy Labs)

Q: How much space will be allotted to each seller?
A: This is a very difficult question to answer, since this will not be set up in the same manner as a craft show would be set up. This is especially true since less than half of the people participating will even be able to attend. There will be a limit to the number of items each person can take/send, and those who are unable to attend will be "partnered" with someone who will be attending. This person will be responsible for unpacking and displaying their partner(s)' items, handling the sales of those items, and then re-packing the unsold items (I hope that ETC will have enough funds by then to pay for return shipping). More information on item limits and partners will be provided as we get closer to September.

Q: How much space be allotted for the trunk show?
A: "We have two large open tables (approx. 4' x 7.5'), and we have several other spaces throughout the floor that could work well with your show. The whole floor is flexible and could potentially be used, depending on what your needs are." (Mary, Etsy Labs)

**I am hoping one or two of the folks who will be attending will volunteer to coordinate the set-up (hint, hint)

Q: How much traffic do they have at these trunk shows?
A: At the few trunk shows they have had so far, they had maybe 20 or so people (not including Etsy staff). They fully expect these events to get larger in the future, and are incorporating band shows with the trunk shows. "The reason we have decided to hold these trunk shows and theme them around entire street teams on the last Friday of each month in conjunction with band shows is to great a huge buzz in Brooklyn about the shows! We haven't had any shows of this caliber yet, and the first one will be this very month beginning with the Philly Street Team. We are most definitely expecting a large crowd and great event with them!" (Mary, Etsy Labs)

Q: Why do we need to create flyers & invitations? To whom will this event be promoted?
A: "We most definitely want you to design invites and flyers, as by the time September comes around, these regular shows will be big news and we are hoping for a full house at each event! We are certainly makreting these street team shows outside of Etsy, including several online NYC classifieds, publications, and websites. We hope that you also will make an effort to advertise the show within your team on your sites and blogs to add to all our promotion! The invitations are for not only the NYC area Etsy sellers, but locals who are interested in music, art, crafts, Etsy, as well as local boutique owners, and press publications who might be interested in covering the event." (Mary, Etsy Labs)

**Jeannette (JMDay) & Jen (LucyBlueStudio) are working together on designing our flyers and invitations (thanks again, ladies!!!)

I think this covers all the questions I have been asked and been unable to answer. If there are more, please let me know (and be patient with me while I try to get complete answers from Etsy staff).

We are now up to 48 ETC members planning to participate in this event!

Milly Roland
Co-Team Leader
Etsy Texas Crafters

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