Saturday, September 27, 2008

February Birthday and Anniversaries

Originally Posted on February 3, 2008

It’s time to give some birthday love to our fellow Texans. Go check out this month’s featured shops for some great finds, and don’t forget about our Monday events. Check back often for news and updates.

February Birthdays:

2/1 Denise of CDChilds
2/1 Tamara of TPDesign
2/4 Robin of RobinThompsonTx
2/5 Beth of BethMosier
2/5 Nancy of NBBond
2/8 Betsy of BeCreativeVille
2/11 Jacky of RhinestoneFashions
2/12 Laurie of NovelArtsAndDesigns
2/12 Heather of WindTwirler
2/18 Micaela of Aleacim
2/18 Haleigh of LearnToSee
2/19 Cimber of IHateMyUserName
2/19 Lisa of Orangealicious
2/25 Meredith of HithersToDithers
2/28 Angie of AngieHallHaviland
2/28 Katie of KatinkaPinka

February Etsy-Versaries!!
Congrats to these sellers. They have all been sellers on Etsy for 2 years now!

2/6 Linda of Ebraunnagel
2/12 Micky of MoonshineBluebirds
2/16 Renee of Nestlings
2/21 Emily of EmilyDeweesJewelry
2/23 Milly of Thistlecraft

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