Sunday, September 14, 2008

January Birthdays & Etsy-Versaries!

Originally posted on January 7, 2007

Happy New Year to all our fellow Etsy Texas Crafters!! I hope this is a great year for everyone. I want to start the year off by wishing a very Happy Birthday to those celebrating in January. You can click on all their shop names to go browse and show them some birthday love.

1/1 Misti of MDKJewelryDesigns
1/3 April of FunAndFancyFree
1/8 Jill of JewelAlchemy
1/8 Jojo of JojoVandiver
1/10 Ilene of RecycledYoYos
1/14 Martha of MenagerieStudio
1/15 Connie of ReFabulous
1/15 Cindy of WillsArt
1/18 Aimee of MiaRopa
1/20 Dusty of 27Things
1/25 Michelle of Sugarlumps
1/27 Kim of Kimbee935
1/29 Maira of MuaPurses

Being a member of Etsy is special because you get to belong to a community of fellow crafters from around the world and see items that you may not have seen otherwise. Here's a list of ETC members that are celebrating being a member of Etsy for one year (or more). Congrats on your success and keep at it. Again, browse through their shops and see what all these talented group of Texans have to offer.

1/2 Donna of DRyan327 (1 year)
1/3 Lori of AdornModern (1 year)
1/4 Jean of Unepromesse (2 years)
1/5 Jeannette of JLCullum (2 years)
1/6 Heidi & Wendy of HeiWen (1 year)
1/7 Roxie of RoxieStar (2 years)
1/7 Julie of DownAndOutNapMats (1 year)
1/10 Jen of JenNixon (1 year)
1/13 Marci of MarciMarie (1 year)
1/17 Amy of ButtermilkRoad (1 year)
1 17 Michelle of DoubleDDesign (1 year)
1/19 Kaite of KatinkPinka (1 year)
1/19 Amy of Takkunelwood (1 year)
1/22 Lisa of Orangealicious (1 year)
1/23 Nicole of Nuemj (1 year)
1/24 Christy of CarolinaBleu (1 year)
1/24 Debra of StephanaDesigns (1 year)
1/27 Jennifer of CocoonCouture (1 year)
1/27 JoDitt of JoyfulHeartDesign (1 year)
1/28 BeaDreams (1 year)
1/29 Laura of LustronGirl (2 years)
1/30 Brooke of BrookeAnnDove (1 year)
1/30 Lynda of Talula (1 year)

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