Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Finished Product!

Originally posted on August 22, 2007 by Christy of ChristysQuilts

Well, I got home from my trip and immediately started working on binding and totally completing the quilt. Took me a couple hours and then it was done!

I always get so excited when I finish a product because unlike a lot of crafters my favorite part isn't making the item, but finishing it. Looking at it. Imagining how it will be used and loved. It's a little piece of me.

I like to imagine how 'little pieces of me' will be used by the people who receive my creations. Not limited to just my quilts but even my little purses and things that don't take me 40 (or more) hours to complete.

In my head this lap quilt (throw size, 50" x 65") will be placed on the sofa and cuddled under by the newlyweds. It will warm their feet and legs while reading a good book. In future years they will lay their little babies on it to protect from the carpet. It will grace the foot of beds and be used in a play-fort. It will be cried on, hugged and dragged around the house. It will be loved.

This little quit will be part of my friends lives. A little part of me will be sharing in their joy.

It's possible that this won't happen...that the quilt will only be looked at a time or two and put in a safe place to be appreciated when the coldest of cold days hits in winter. That's ok too. It'll still be used and appreciated for it's warmth and function.

I love making quilts. I love giving them.

Here's the finished product (front, back and label)

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