Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial - Recycled Dimples Ornament

Why did I choose this tutorial to share with you, you may be asking? Several reasons, actually. First and foremost, I LOVE the name! Second, I also LOVE Christmas ornaments! And finally, well, Angie Hall Haviland is one of our many talented members and expert tutorial-writers!!!

Now, take a good look at the photo of this project.....can you tell what the base of this ornament is? Do you know what a "dimple" is? I'll give you one hint...NO, it's not a lid! Give up???? Click HERE to find out and to read Angie's tutorial for these wonderfully creative ornaments. Be sure to add this one to your favorites, 'cuz you're gonna want to make a boat-load of these.....I know I do!!!

Thanks for tutorial, Angie!

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