Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Feature: Pumpkins!

Introducing a new addition to our blog: Friday Features! Each Friday, I will choose a word, like Pumpkin, and search Etsy for that word and our team tag, TeamEtsyTx. Then, I will select 16 of the search result items to feature here on our blog. If you'd like to suggest search words for next week's feature, feel free to post them in the Comments for this post.

Here's this week's Friday Features, brought to you by the word Pumpkin...

(click on picture for larger view)

Members featured, from top to bottom and left to right, are:
CottonEyedJo, ThePigAndThePeacock, TheHighPlainsKnitter, GigiGibson, SassySoapsNSuch, WiseImpressions, BadraBoutique, CharonelDesigns, 2MuchStuff2Day, CrazyForCollars, BeanStreetMarket, DesignsByCher, VickysCottageCrafts, MithrilDreams, LavenderLadybug, and Suezee2.

Want to see more Texas Pumpkins? Just click HERE!


Amy said...

Great Idea! Thanks for including my Pumpkin Spice soaps!

Elisa said...

Ooo, what a pretty collection! It's funny, I started a Friday Favorites on Etsy collections not too long ago on my blog. I'll have to do one with ETC members sometime.

Looking for word search ideas? There's always a color, I just found some pretty red and white items. :)

Good idea!

lavenderlizard said...

Awesome idea, Milly! Thanks for including my little pumpkins!


How about Harvest or Autumn for next week?