Monday, February 15, 2010

Team Spotlight Treasury

Liz, of LavenderLizard, is our team Spotlight Treasury curator, and creates Treasuries on Etsy featuring members of the ETC team. She works through our membership list, choosing members alphabetically . . . eventually, everyone gets featured!

Members featured in this Treasury pictured above are: HandPaintedPetals, HappyBuddha, HaveArt, HeavenlySentiments, HelloPrints, HilaryD4790, HilJohn, hmd231975, hondamom, HopScotchAustin, HossLass, and HotDogCrafts.

Thanks, Liz, for creating such a wonderful Treasury for us (again!). Folks have until 1:29pm Wednesday, 2/17, (Eastern / Etsy time) to stop by this Treasury, click on each item and leave a comment, if possible. You need to be signed in for your clicks to count and to be able to leave a comment. If there is no more room for comments, please check back, because Liz will delete some comments in order to allow for more.


Finding Charm said...
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jennifer borrell anderson and hello prints! said...

Wow, thank you so much for featuring my print, this is my first ever treasury! what a great idea, and there are so many talented people on ETC. Everything here is so cute!

sewmeow said...

Thanks sew much for doing this for our members.....great picks.