Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Team Spotlight Treasury

Pink & Red, Hearts & Flowers....all from the Lone Star State!

Click on photo to go to Treasury

Liz, of LavenderLizard, is our team Spotlight Treasury curator, and creates Treasuries on Etsy featuring members of the ETC team. She works through our membership list, choosing members alphabetically....eventually, everyone gets featured!

Members featured in the Treasury pictured above are: Gabeadz, GabsBags, GailsCrafts, GemmaJoy, GinaPina, GingerBabies, GlassMouse13, GlassNWood, GlimmeringGems, GlitzGlitter, GoAgainstTheGrain, and GoatGoatSheep.

Thanks, Liz, for creating such a wonderful Treasury for us (again!), and I'm sorry for not getting this posted to our blog sooner. Folks have until 7:49pm tonight (Eastern / Etsy time) to check out this Treasury -- be sure to sign in and then click on each of the items and leave a comment!

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