Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogrolling Feature is Down For Now

For those of you who have requested to be added to the Blogrolling list, I wanted to give you the update: Blogrolling is having technical problems (check here if you're interested in the history) and new blogs cannot be added for the time being. As soon as they are back online, I'll catch up with adding your blogs! xo melissa


MarysMadness said...

Please let me know when this is corrected! Thanks!


Milly, Team Leader, Etsy Texas Crafters said...

Actually, I am looking at a different way to present this information on our ning site, especially since the blogrolling site does not know when they will be able to resolve the issues they are currently having. When I get the details on the new format worked out, I will make an announcement to the full team.

Sorry for the inconvenience.